Analyst online learning provides an extensive portfolio of eLearning resources designed to support you in using Analyst to its maximum potential.

Your pharmacy PMR is at the heart of everything you do and Analyst is a robust system that enables dispensing at all times, streamlines interventions and supports the pharmacy team in delivering effective patient care.

Whether you need to dispense prescriptions quickly without compromising accuracy or delivering or if you want to deliver a medicines use review in a safe and compliant manner,

Analyst eLearning gives you help and guidance.

Our learning pages are easy to access at any time, so you can choose when and where you complete your learning.

We have created Tutorials for quick reference or more advanced learning and Master Classes that offer guidance for best practice and improved pharmacy business management.

Pharmacy Team Tutorials

Select Pharmacy Team for your Analyst PMR quick reference or more advanced learning to manage patients more effectively and deliver greater customer satisfaction.

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Pharmacist & Owner Master Classes

Select Pharmacist/Owner for guidance on how to increase efficiency, maximize revenue and create effective business solutions.

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